So all my roomies just went to another apartment for dinner. I opted out to stay home and actually accomplish some work. The good news? I did! The mediocre news? Not all of it.

Instead, I decided to assess today’s look…. and also get a new avatar for my twitter. I ran in to he who shall not be named today. My first thought after was hmmmmm… I wonder how I look. My hair was up when I saw him, but I was rocking my super chic shades. I’ll give this look a 5 out of 10. My curly hair is what I thrive best in, but I can only do so much on 30 seconds notice. So maybe this was a victory?

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I had a selfie session until I opened up my web cam gallery. My last pictures are of me 25 pounds ago with mermaid hair. Seems surreal. I look like a preteen child. I think I’ll cherish these new found curves.

Because no one worth talking to is going to be buying me drinks if I look like I’m 12.

So enjoy my, 1-8 daily readers. This is my face. THIS IS THE FACE that isn’t worth fixing it for. Obviously more complicated, but won’t you join me in being spiteful?

Also, while this is indeed therapeutic to me, I open up the floor for any questions. I figure, hey, maybe these 4 people wanna know who’s rants they’re reading. So here’s your opportunity. I’ll reply to comments.

And with that, have a beautiful day. Chances are, you deserve it.


About dochasann

Twenty years of trials and triumphs. Sociology major living in NYC. Overly cynical. Witty when I feel like it. Obsessed with my puppy.

2 thoughts on “Shameless

  1. Regarding your face, if He Who Should Not Be Named doesn’t feel like it’s worth fixing for, then he’s wrong in the brain. You’re really pretty.

    [footnote: I tried for ages to find a way to say that without coming across really creepy, but I think I failed anyway. Meh, whatever. You’re hot, those are just the facts.]

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