Mediocre Decisions

Yesterday, I got dinner with my ex’s roommate. He was very insistent on not discussing the situation and not taking sides. Luckily he sucks at both of those things.



And now the only thing that I want to do is snuggle in my boo’s bed on this shitty rainy day and figure everything out. I wan’t to be his rock again. I’m sad I let shit hit the fan.

I miss him calling me “Nor” and making everything feel better again.


I probably shouldn’t have gotten dinner because I knew I wanted to snoop. I’m just worried. And I’m sad. And I’m scared. And I’m a stupid girl. I have so many things that I want to say. So much that I want to know. A mildly manipulative move on my part.


Today, I feel completely nugget-less. It sucks.





Like… fuck. We were so cute.


I’m trying to keep busy. Literally this is my free 15 minutes today. And this is immediately where I go. I decided yesterday that I was going to eat, go to class, attempt to drink less, and get back into my work out routine. I gotta have something going for me.


About dochasann

Twenty years of trials and triumphs. Sociology major living in NYC. Overly cynical. Witty when I feel like it. Obsessed with my puppy.

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